‘Decadence’ Tea Service for Two

Two teas of choice
Eight tea sandwiches (select 2 flavors)
Assortment of 4 tea savories
Crumpets with rum butter
Heritage tea scones & Royal cream
Assortment of Holiday Sweets

Assortment of holiday sweets
(Addt’ Decadence set is $33 : Split fee is
$10. per guest)


Turkey & pumpkin butter crème  
Chicken apple cranberry
Smoked salmon mousse & dill
Honey mustard ham & watercress
Brie apple & sweet pepper jelly
English Stilton cheese & fig
Classic cucumber & herbs
Curried egg & wild arugula

Heritage tea scones & Royal cream

Crumpets with Rum butter

Santa-approved Cookies:
Gingerbread, Xmas shortbread,
whoopie pie, warm chocolate
chip cookie

Individual dessert (one selection)
Chocolate ganache Yule log,
Toffee English pudding,
Warm chocolate lava cake

"Regally Yours" tea tartlets
White chocolate macadamia,
pomegranate swirls, coconut lime,
apple brown butter, chocolate vision

Bottom-less pot o’tea

Big cup o’Masala Chai Latte or
Matcha Jasmine Green Tea Latte

We hope you understand that there is a minimum of $12 per person for dining in * $3.00/person will  be
added to bill for sharing a pot of tea * a 20% gratuity will be added for parties of 5 or larger *
we are
happy to split payments up to 3 cards for parties of 6+

Hours of Operations...
We are here Wednesday - Sunday  11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
* last tea seating @ 4:30 p.m. * kitchen closes at 5p.m.
We LOVE to have parties so keep us in mind for you next pleasure, work, or catering event.

‘Indulgence’ Tea Service for Two

Two teas of choice
Twelve tea sandwiches (select 3 flavors)
Heritage tea scones & Royal cream
English Toffee pudding
Holiday pettis fours & seasonal
shortbread cookies
(Addt’ Indulgence set is $28: Split fee is
$10. per guest)

‘Indulgence’ Tea Service for Two

Two teas of choice
tea breads assortment
Scones, crumpets &
Royal cream
Assortment of Holiday cakes
Petits fours, Parisian macarons, Xmas
shortbread cookies
(Addt’ All That’s Sweet set is $23 : Split
fee is $10. per guest)

Winter Solstice - Limited time blend
Perfect balance of black tea, fruits, and spices of the season just for the season

Bridge Over River Chai
Ceylon black tea and cardamon, ginger, clove, and cinnamon

Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Ceylon Orange Pekoe scented with bits of bourbon vanilla

‘Somewhere My Love’ *
Luscious, creamy black tea with citrus notes, vanilla, and a sprinkle of white chocolate…
Dr. Zhivago approved!

Parisian Earl Grey
Classic Earl Grey smoothed out with notes of vanilla

Earl de Versailles
Earl Grey and French lavender—DT blend

Black tea with touches of vanilla and cinnamon—DT blend

La Vie En Rose
Premium black tea sprinkled with rose pedals—DT blend

The Emperor’s Cup*
Earthy pu'erh leaf balanced with rich chocolate and a minty finish

Wings of the Dove *
Creamy coconut is paired with rich, nutty almond and Sencha green tea

Organic Ginger, Mary-Ann, and Mrs. Lemongrass
Comforting blend of organic green tea, ginger, and lemongrass

Jasmine & Jade
Classically sweet, flowery brew of green tea and jasmine blossoms

Organic Palace Pear Spice*
Bai Mu Dan white tea,spice and light essence of juicy pear

Casablanca After Midnight
Creamy and refreshing blend of rooibos, mint, and essence of coffee—DT blend

Caramel Carousel
Perfect melange of toffee, caramel, and rooibos

Licorice Mint Tisane—Dartealing's blend
Chamomile Lavender Tisane—Dartealing's blend

* Rare teas…add $3 per bottom-less pot